Nov 252018

We’re excited to announce that we’ve relocated our office to 478 N Babcock St, Suite 501 (within the Fleet Clean building, less than 50 yards from US1, across from Open Mike’s), in Melbourne, FL 32935.

If there is no parking around the building, you can park in the lot across the side street (Poinciana).  When you come in there is a large lobby you can relax in until Jenny comes to greet you and escort you back to her office.

We look forward to serving even more people in more amazing ways in this new, bigger space.  This new office has space to accommodate multiple clients in a small group setting, as well as a massage table for offering Reiki or the AromaTouch technique using doTERRA essential oils.

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Apr 112015

Sorry for the delayed posting… we’re now incorporating a wider variety of events on the monthly schedule. A new monthly recurring event will be Hypnotic Happy Hours for people who are curious about hypnotherapy and would like more information and a quick demo before deciding if it’s something they want to pursue. We’re looking forward to sharing more information with people to help them make the best decisions for natural ways to improve their health and happiness! Check back each month to see our schedule of information sessions and other related events!


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Feb 122015

Hi all,
If you’ve been wanting to learn more about hypnotherapy, essential oils, or a variety of other options for natural, holistic health, you should check out the ‘Love Yourself Day’ going on this Saturday from 10-4 in Cocoa Village. See attached flyer for details. Live music, presentations, opportunities to purchase products and even short services like mini-massages, readings, etc. I’ll be there with an information table and I’ll be doing a presentation about Hypnotherapy and the oils. I hope to see you there!
Love Yourself Day flier

Jan 072015

Welcome to 2015! All signs point to it being an amazing year!

I think it’s a great idea to clean out your body’s filtering mechanisms with a cleanse or detox occasionally… and why not pick the new year to start with a clean slate?! I’ve tried several different detox and cleanse programs over the years and have realized that different ones are easier for different people, so there is no ‘best’ option per se. So, I’m not going to recommend any one program over another, but instead I want to offer you some tips based on my experiences that I hope will help better prepare you and make it a better overall experience.

1 – Go in with a positive attitude and make sure you have support in place (friends, family, etc) who respect what you’re doing and will encourage you.
2 – Make sure you’re getting enough sleep… if your body is exhausted or over-stressed the cleanse won’t be as effective and can actually be harder on your body, causing you to become sick
3 – Find out what (if anything) you are allowed to eat in addition to what is provided in your cleanse program and do your shopping before you get started; you might want to hide or throw out the temptations that are in your fridge and pantry as well (if it’s not there, it won’t be as tempting to cheat)
4 – Be grateful for each day as it passes… not only does it get you closer to the end of your cleanse, but it’s another day of good, healthy choices you’ve made for your body and your overall health and wellbeing!
5 – Be kind to yourself. If you realize you did something that wasn’t exactly to the letter of the law for your cleanse, forgive yourself and move on. The negative thinking won’t help you feel better.
6 – It seems that coming off caffeine (which most cleanses will have you do) is the hardest part, causing headaches and no fun on the first few days of the cleanse, so if you can cut down your caffeine gradually before the cleanse that should help. I cut out caffeine years ago and don’t have headaches or other withdrawal symptoms when I do cleanses or detoxes.
7 – The first few days will likely be the toughest (whether it’s the caffeine withdrawals or just getting used to not eating as much or the changes to your typical elimination expectations…) but it gets much easier after that, so hang in there!
8 – As most cleanses will tell you, drink lots of water (the plainer the better… juice and other flavors or additives reduce the capacity of the water to take out more toxins). Just cutting out bad foods alone isn’t going to clean anything out of you if you don’t have water flowing through for the toxins or other materials to catch a ride to pass out of your system.

Those are the main tips that come to my mind at this time. If you have any other questions or would like some suggestions for cleanses to try, feel free to contact me at
Happy Healthy New Year all!

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Dec 262014

Happy Holidays to one and all. I sincerely wish each of you the best of health and happiness as we bring 2014 to a close and prepare to start 2015. I encourage you to dream big, stay positive, and believe in yourself. You CAN achieve your goals and dreams if you get clear on what you want, believe in yourself, trust your insight, and take action to make things happen. If you struggle to do any of that on your own, I’d love to help you get clear, access your inner truth, build your belief in yourself and remove any blocks to taking that action! 2015 is going to be an amazing year!!
In peace and gratitude!

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Dec 052014

We’re working to prepare a few general hypnotic programming recordings (Stress Relief, Pain Management, Stop Smoking) for you to be able to gift to friends, family, co-workers, or even treat yourself during this holiday season! Check back soon to see when they’ll be available.

Gift Certificates are also a great gift idea, and allow you to take advantage of the current pricing specials before they go up next year! Contact Jenny to arrange for getting your gift certificates!

In the meantime, I’m running a special during December for a 1-hr custom stress reduction programming session for $40 (60% off) so you can quickly come in, get a custom recording to take home and listen to over the holidays to stay relaxed and enjoy the season! Call today or book online (as the Personalized Programming Session option).

The Natural Wellness Make n Take class on December 11 is also a great option for easy, thoughtful and inexpensive gifts. Check out the Community Calendar for more info.

Happy Holidays!

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Dec 042014

Happy holidays everyone!
Since we’re all a bit busy around the holidays the class schedule is light this month, but they are AMAZING INTERACTIVE classes that I know will be worth taking a little time out for yourself!

The Make n Take class is a great way to get some new ideas and even accomplish some natural and healthy last minute gifts for friends, family or co-workers.

The AromaYoga class is an amazingly relaxing and spiritual experience, great for beginners to yoga experts!

Hope to see you there! Please RSVP to if you plan to come so we’re sure to have enough space and materials prepared.

EPIC Class Schedule for December 2014

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Oct 282014

Hi gang,
Here’s the list of classes, times and locations for November! We really hope you can attend some of these informational sessions so you can learn to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy throughout the holidays and beyond! You can also check out the Community Calendar to see when and where the upcoming classes
EPIC Class Schedule for November 2014

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Oct 202014

We’re so excited to start to offer a regular schedule of classes on natural wellness! With the holidays coming up the rest of this year’s schedule will be a bit choppy, but starting in the new year we hope to have at least 1 class per week available, so spread the word and keep an eye out for the new class schedule each month.

Classes will include essential oils education, hypnotherapy / meditation, and connection practice summary / intro. Most of these classes will have free give aways and drawings for additional free services so bring a friend and learn how to take more control of your own overall wellness in natural, safe, effective ways!

We look forward to seeing you at the classes (and bring a friend)!


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