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Hypnotherapy by Jenny is run by Jenny Battig, CIHt (Certified Interpersonal Hypnotherapist).  Jenny received her training in 2013 from the only licensed hypnotherapy school in the state of Florida, the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, recently renamed the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.  This training included over 500 hours of instruction in hypnotherapy and related modalities, which included over 100 hours of practical application (hands on practice with clients while supervised).  This training is the most in depth education available for hypnotherapy and the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists, which Jenny is certified through, has the highest requirements for certification.  Jenny also has the experience of successfully working with hundreds of clients in private sessions. Many other professionals using hypnosis are likely more in the range of 100-300 hours of training to achieve their hypnotherapy certification (if they are certified at all, be sure to ask!!).

Prior to deciding to pursue Hypnotherapy as a profession, Jenny was a human factors engineer for nearly 20 years, helping bridge the gap between what the software engineers were capable of producing and what the end users really needed to be able to do their jobs better.  You might say it’s a big leap to go from being an engineer to a hypnotherapist, but there are some common threads in that both involve helping people achieve more success and happiness and both typically involve some form of facilitating or mediating between different ways of thinking.  In engineering it was with different groups of people, in hypnotherapy it’s within ones own mind that there is conflict that is keeping the person from achieving their optimal health and potential.  At some point, helping figure out how to design a user interface or the functionality of a software application to help someone be more efficient in their job just wasn’t quite enough and she found hypnotherapy, HeartMath, Reiki, and a few other related techniques that have the potential to truly change lives in a much more powerful way, so it became her new passion that has now become a reality!

Jenny’s overall goal and mission in life is to make people aware of the power that is built-in to their subconscious that can help them achieve amazing things and to help bring people to a peaceful, healthy balance in the most natural, holistic ways.  She is so grateful for all the people she has met so far on her journey and looks forward to helping so many more!

Hypnotherapy by Jenny is now located in the Park Place at Suntree shopping mall (near Carrabba’s) at 7640 N. Wickham Rd., Suite 121 in Melbourne, Florida.  We are in a suite along with Glacier Blue Acupuncture, on the far east end of the mall, directly behind Nature’s Table (look for the sign on the door, if it’s locked, text or call 321-345-8971).

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