Schedule a Session


Please follow the prompts below to schedule your free phone consult or private session (note, there is a difference between in-person sessions and virtual / secure video call sessions).  You should receive an email confirming the session when it has been successfully booked and that email will have links to fill out the necessary forms for your first private session.  If you don’t receive that email, here is a link to the form for you to fill out (click here).

If you are signing up for a class or group event, those are listed at the bottom of the private (one on one) types of sessions.

If you are looking for a more personalized approach, you can schedule a private hypnotherapy session, or a private hypno-coaching session. Hypnotherapy sessions typically help address concerns that have you at your wits end, not sure what else to try. Hypno-coaching can be helpful for those who just feel a bit stuck and need some guidance and/or accountability to figure out what’s holding them back and to keep them on track.

If you are wanting to schedule a private session for a minor (ages 7-17), there are separate sessions with youth specifically in mind, so look for either the in person or virtual session that starts with “Youth”.

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