Hypnosis is a natural, yet altered, state of mind where communication and responsiveness with the subconscious mind is present. The subconscious mind is where emotion and memories are stored. It’s also responsible for autonomic functions in the body, including breathing, heart beat, cell regrowth, wound healing, etc. (i.e., the things you don’t have to think about but happen for you). When the subconscious mind has been distracted by some troubling emotions or memories it can’t perform it’s job as well and that’s when behavioral and/or physical health issues can develop. With hypnosis, we can reverse the effects of those distractions and allow the mind to get back to it’s natural abilities to return your body to it’s natural, healthy function! In many ways the sky is the limit in terms of what hypnotherapy can be helpful with, but it’s not a magic cure, it does take commitment, repetition and trust in the process to achieve amazing results. We’re so excited to help you achieve your full potential of health and happiness as quickly as we can, but also being thorough to ensure the changes are lasting and that you can maintain that health level on your own! 🙂

There are 3 distinct protocols that have been shown to be highly effective for a majority of issues, so clients are encouraged to consider committing to at least 3 sessions. In many cases to truly completely resolve the root cause of issues, it can take more than one attempt at certain protocols. For example, the first regression may go to a time when the client was in high school, another session may regress back earlier… to grade school, and yet another session may go to beliefs formed before the age of 5, which is ideally what makes the biggest shifts. So we offer larger (5 and 10) package deals as well to encourage that deep level of transformation. This is still much quicker and more effective (and even cheaper when you add it all up) than traditional psychotherapy or other western medicine approaches that just don’t have the same success rate. The other benefit of using hypnotherapy and related natural techniques to renew the mind / body balance is that it often resolves additional issues that weren’t even the focus of the sessions because the underlying changes are profound and when renewing the natural balance of your body it will be able to function in a more ideal manner.

Below is a list of just some of the more common things hypnotherapy can help with.** Feel free to call or email to discuss how any other concerns you may have can be helped with hypnotherapy!

Stress Management
Pain Management
Weight Control
Smoking Cessation
(and check out this online support community for people who quit using hypnotherapy:
Problem Solving
Uncovering memories that are normally inaccessible
Healing Grief and Loss
Resolving Angry Feelings
Changing Habitual Behavior
Self Esteem
Enhancing Sports Performance
Study and Exam Performance
Improving Job Performance
Increasing Financial Prosperity
Overcoming Fears and Phobias
Migraine Headaches
Lowering High Blood Pressure
Spiritual Guidance
Creative visualization for healing
Trauma (incest, rape, physical and emotional abuse, cult abuse) Hypnotic Dreamwork
Concentration difficulties
Dentistry – During dentistry, a person responsive to self hypnosis methods may control salivation, bleeding and pain.
Motivation Problems
Panic Attacks
Physical and Mental Relaxation
Emotional Difficulties
Ending Insomnia
Relationship Problems
Present and Past-Life Regression
Stopping Addictions
Finding Your Earthly Purpose
Ending Writers Block
Increasing Physical Energy
Becoming More Optimistic
Expansion of Consciousness
Sexual dysfunctions
Behavior Modification
…and so many more!!

Notice!! If you have a diagnosed physical or mental health condition, you will need to get a referral or prescription from your doctor or other relevant healthcare professional before beginning a hypnotherapy protocol to address that condition.

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