Aug 032015

Hello Hypnotherapy by Jenny followers, we are glad we have been able to offer clients the grand opening special pricing for over a year now, but it’s now time to expire that special pricing as of August 16, 2015. Any appointments scheduled after that date will fall under the new pricing plan. Any multi-session packages that are paid for before that date will still be honored at the pricing they were purchased under.

The good news is the prices aren’t jumping all the way up to the full retail pricing. As of August 17th, new sessions booked will be as follows:
Individual (2 hr) session: $120 (20% off full price)
Package of 3 (2 hr) sessions: $300 (1/3 off full price)
Past Life Regression (3 hr): $175 ($25 off full price)
Quick Fix (1 hr) session: $60 (1/5 off full price)

…and a couple of NEW pricing options we’re excited to announce:
Group Hypnotherapy session (~2 hrs): $50 each (minimum of 3 people, will be held once a month at Harbour City Acupuncture or can be done in a location you provide, call for more details)
Quarterly Maintenance Plan (6 2-hr sessions): $75 / month for 6 months (the 6 sessions can be used anytime in the 6 months from initial payment)

If these prices aren’t within your budget yet you are really interested in using Hypnotherapy to improve your behaviors, attitude, health, etc., contact about additional payment options.

We are so appreciative of our clients and the referrals they have been giving. It’s gratifying to work with each of you and see the amazing shifts you experience! 🙂

In Peace,
Jenny Battig, CIHt

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