Jun 082015

Hello all!
I’m excited to announce that I have just been published in a wonderful book entitled Journey to the Stage. Along with some fellow entrepreneurs and speakers, I was invited to contribute to this book to provide inspiration, tips, resources and a message from the heart about stepping up and stepping out to share our message.
The Kindle version is available now for just 99¢ and the paperback version will be out in just a few short weeks. Go ahead now and grab the digital version by going to: http://JourneytotheStagebook.com.

As our way of saying ‘Thanks’ for supporting the digital campaign, several of the authors have added bonus FREE gifts that you’ll get access to after purchasing the digital book from Amazon.

I know you’ll enjoy the book and receive great value from it just as I did. Each of my co-authors shared the story of their Journey to the Stage with honesty, heart and a passion for making a difference.

Again, thanks for supporting this next step on my journey. I look forward to continuing the journey together in many ways!

Here’s that link again (be sure to grab the FREE bonuses too!)
==> http://JourneytotheStageBook.com

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