Aug 282014

Hi all,
Here are some of the discounts I’m currently offering for private hypnotherapy sessions in 2014:

* Single session discount – 1/3 off the regular price of $150 (so $100)
* 3-session package discount – 40% off the regular price (so $270 or $90/session)
* Monthly package discount – up to 4 sessions in a 30-day period for $300 (50% off each session if you get 4 sessions in that month)
* Single Past Life Regression session – 25% off the regular price of $200 (so $150)

I can also offer discounts for referrals and if you are really interested and ready to start using hypnotherapy to overcome your challenges but don’t think you can afford it, please call me to see if we can work out other ways you can work the price down to something you can afford. 🙂

The main reason for higher discounts on package deals is because although some people feel great after their first hypnotherapy session, that typically isn’t the more permanent fix to their underlying issues, and it’s much more effective to do at least 3-5 sessions. I would much rather help someone completely resolve an issue that was causing them challenges than to just make them feel good for a few weeks or months and then have another issue pop up or think it didn’t really work. My ultimate goal is to help enlighten and empower people about how they can achieve greater health and happiness using their own resources, and I know hypnotherapy is an amazingly powerful way to do that! If you are really invested in it it’s worth every penny, but I don’t want that to deprive those who financially don’t have the means at this point in time.

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