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Hypnotherapy by Jenny offers services to help people resolve internal conflicts and make amazing positive changes in their lives through hypnotherapy and related natural, holistic techniques.
Hypnotherapy is an amazing option to pursue if you’d like to improve:
** Eating behaviors / weight loss,
** Stress reduction,
** Smoking cessation,
** Sports performance enhancement, and
** Prosperity programming, or
** even reduce or eliminate chronic pain or other health concerns
** and so much more!

We are now located at 129 West Hibiscus Blvd, Suite O, near Babcock St. in Melbourne.  We can do virtual sessions (via secure video call) as well.

Jenny is passionate about helping you return your mind & body to it’s natural balance so it can heal itself and you can live a better life in the most natural, holistic, and lasting ways possible!

hypno stats compared to other therapy

As you can see by the illustration above, research has shown that hypnotherapy can be much more effective and efficient than most other traditional forms of therapy.  Unlike some other approaches to mental and physical health treatments, our business model is not to attract a lot of long term clients, but to help clients see results as efficiently as possible so that friends and family are referred to us or that those clients may come back to work on different issues that may arise in the future because of how successful and supportive their previous experience was! We will not suggest additional sessions unless we think there is truly more work to be done to make the changes stick. However, it is rare that a single session will provide the entire transformation needed. We do offer discounts for multi-session packages, and compared to even just the co-pays for sessions with therapists who are covered under insurance, the effectiveness of hypnotherapy ends up being significantly cheaper!
For more information on things hypnotherapy can help with, visit our Hypnotherapy page.

For more information on other services (e.g., training, public speaking) and products (e.g., essential oils, cleanses and other healthy food options) that Jenny recommends, check out EPIC Renewal Concepts.

Contact us if you are interested in hosting Corporate Training or Community Seminars to help as many people as possible experience more internal and external harmony and balance in their lives.

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