Private Sessions


Private sessions for hypnotherapy are typically 1.5 – 2 hours long. A standard 3-5 session protocol has been shown to be most effective in using a variety of techniques to attack your issue from multiple angles.

The first session is typically Suggestion Therapy, where we would work together to uncover some of the emotions and beliefs you have around the issue, then determine how you would RATHER feel and work as many of those into the positive affirmations / suggestions. Once in hypnosis (and this only takes a very light level of hypnosis, similar to daydreaming), you will be relaxed and enjoy focusing on the imagery you’ve heard as the therapist reads the positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. You will be provided with a recording of those suggestions so that you can take advantage of the fact that repetition is very helpful in learning something new or different and retaining it. Some suggestions may start to cause behavior shifts right away, some may take a few days, months, or even longer to really take root, but this is a great way to plant the seeds of change!

The second session is typically Parts Therapy, which is helpful in reducing or eliminating the possibility of self-sabotage. This session involves uncovering 2 or more parts within you that have conflicting goals, for example, there may be part of you that knows you should eat healthy, then another part of you who wants a chocolate bar!! Every part of us is there for a reason, so we don’t get rid of any part, but learn why they are doing what they’re doing and find a way to help them work together better for you to achieve your desired goals. This involves the client doing much of the talking once they are in hypnosis, so again it’s not a real deep level of hypnosis needed.

The third session is typically Regression Therapy, where we again drill into the major emotions and beliefs surrounding your issue, then in hypnosis, regress you back to the earliest memory you have of feeling the primary emotion that’s driving the unwanted behavior today. Once the memory is identified, we work to reframe it so the subconscious mind can let go of it and redirect the energy it had been using to hold that information down into more positive, natural uses, which allows your body to heal itself! This can be the most powerful type of session to help change your mind and body to their right and perfect balance. Sometimes the root of the problem can be reached in the first Regression Therapy session, sometimes it may take awhile for your mind to be comfortable addressing some heavy hitting memories, so other less concerning ones might be presented to you at first to get you more comfortable with the process and confident that you can deal with whatever comes up later.

Ask about pricing deals for purchasing 3, 5 or 10 sessions at a time. You won’t regret it!

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